Beatles Singalong

One of the most popular community groups at St Peter’s Church is the monthly singalong, that takes place on the first Wednesday of every month in the Hub.  There was therefore no more perfect way to launch our Celebration of Community, and of the 60th anniversary of the day that John met Paul, than with a Beatle-themed singalong!

Led by Norma Townley, with fabulous accompaniment from a local ukulele orchestra, the Church Hall was packed with Wooltonians as well as visitors from around the world who sang along to a selection of Beatles songs.



And, thanks to the wonder of ‘facebook live’ we had people singing along with us from as far away as Japan and the United States!


As you can see, a “splendid time” was had by all!



If you didn’t spot yourself in these photos, or would like to see much more of the Singalong, click HERE for the full collection of photos of the launch event for the anniversary celebrations, or click on the Flickr gallery at the bottom of this post.



Beatles Singalong - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Meet-and-Greets During the Anniversary Celebrations!

As well as the live music, events at the fete, tours, and the opportunity to stand where the Beatles began, visitors to the anniversary events will have the chance to meet people who have a personal connection with the Beatles, or with the events of July 6, 1957, and are happy to share their stories!

Members of John Lennon’s family will be attending the events on July 6, as will the famous 1960s’ photographer, Bill Zygmant, and all of the Quarrymen.  Some of the Quarrymen will be at St Peter’s for events from Friday to Sunday, and Richard Langham, the Abbey Road studio engineer who worked on Please Please Me, has promised to be around as much as he can.  Bill Zygmant is planning a return visit on Sunday too!

We’re still lucky enough to have people who attended the fete in 1957 as part of the St Peter’s Church family, and some of them will be around to share their stories with visitors too!  Pam and Alison were part of the retinue for the Rose Queen, while Jennie attended the fete and dance and has some interesting memories of John to share!  David, who auditioned for the Cathedral Choir at the same time as Paul (but David passed the audition!) also hopes to be in the hall from time to time to chat to visitors and share his memories!

We’ve also been contacted by other celebs who are hoping to turn up at some point during the anniversary celebrations.  So come along from July 5 – 9!  You never know who you might meet!

Full Details of our Grand Finale on Sunday July 9!

The grand finale of our five days of anniversary celebrations will take place on Sunday July 9 from 10.30am until (approx) 4pm!

All-Age Service

Everyone is welcome to attend a special All-Age Service at St Peter’s with a special Beatles theme from 10.30am!  After the service, the Church will remain open until 4pm, with free tours of the beautiful building.

Rose Planting Ceremony

Following the service, our special guests will take part in a rose-planting ceremony in the Churchyard, to provide a permanent marker for this special anniversary.

Research conducted by students in the Department of History & Archaeology at the University of Chester revealed that one of the most popular roses in 1957 was the “Peace Rose” which, of course, links perfectly to the Peace Cross outside St Peter’s and John’s love of peace.  When this is added to the vibrant pink colour of the McCartney Rose, then planting a “Pink Peace” rose seemed like the perfect way to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the day that John met Paul at our Church fete.

The rose-planting ceremony has been made possible through the generosity of AIGBURTH HALL NURSERIES and we are extremely grateful for their support.  The owners and staff at the nurseries claim that they are “passionate about plants and people” and we agree wholeheartedly!  Aigburth Hall Nurseries are active in their support of the local community and many charities, and they understand that “community matters.”  We are proud and privileged that they will forever be a part of our celebration of community through their generous donation of the roses!

Grand finale

After the rose-planting ceremony, everyone is invited to the Church Hall where sandwiches and snacks, generously donated by the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, and drinks, generously donated by Tesco Woolton, will be available!

From 12.30pm the BabyFaced Beatles will perform, accompanied for one song by a VERY special guest!  Trust us, this is a moment not to be missed as we bring together “past, present and future” and celebrate the true legacy of the day that the Beatles began in our Church Hall.

After a short break, during which the anniversary cake will be cut and served, Rob Clarke and the Wooltones will round off the celebrations with a set of skiffle music, taking us full circle and back to how it all began in 1957!

And don’t miss out on the last chance to buy tickets for the Community Celebration Raffle before the draw takes place from 2.30pm!

We hope you can join us for what promises to be a very special day and a fitting climax to our celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the day that John met Paul at St Peter’s Church, and went on to change the world!


July 6 – Live Music in St Peter’s Church Hall

St Peter’s Church Hall will be open on Thursday July 6 from 10am to 3pm as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the day that John met Paul!

We are delighted that we will be joined that day by Eddie Devlin and Catherine Cook who will be playing live from about 10.30am onwards.   Both Eddie and Cath are real friends to St Peter’s Church and if anyone can call themselves the resident musicians for the Church Hall where the Beatles began, then they certainly deserve the title!

For a preview of the treats in store for us all next Thursday, check out these videos of Eddie and Cath!

During last year’s International Beatle Week, Eddie was joined by Len Garry for a truly special performance of “In My Life,” and you can see some of Eddie’s original compositions on his youtube channel HERE!

Also, check out this hauntingly beautiful rendition of “It’s For You” written by Paul McCartney for Cilla Black.  A lost demo by Paul was discovered last year and sold at the Beatles auction in August, but we love Cath’s version!  For more information on Cath, visit her Facebook page – She’s Leaving Home by clicking HERE

The Church Hall will be closing at 3pm so that everyone had head over the road to enjoy the recreation of the fete on what is now the playing field of Bishop Martin CE Primary School.  Entry is £2.50 and you can pay on the door!  More details HERE!

Another Fabulous Raffle Prize from The Big Bang Theory!

For any fans of the TV series, The Big Bang Theory, here’s an opportunity not to be missed!  The latest donation to our raffle prize is a fully signed photo of the current cast!

The image has been cropped for publication here. Please note that the photograph may not have arrived from LA by Sunday July 9; if this is the case, it will be posted to the winning ticket holder!

More prizes are being added all the time!  Click HERE for a complete list of prizes and full terms and conditions.

Tickets are only £1.00 each, and are available from The Beatles Shop Mathew Street, the Simon Peter Centre (Hub) at St Peter’s Church, and from the Church Hall and Bishop Martin School throughout the anniversary events from July 5 -9!

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