Why Use a Patio Convex Mirror to Protect Your Home?

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting in your backyard, enjoying a warm summer evening with your family, when all of a sudden you see movement out of the quarter of your eye. It appears to be a large shape, probably a man, running out from the side of the house. You are unprepared to deal with an emergency, because you had no idea that one was about to arise, and by the time you react it is already too late. convex mirrors There is a man standing with a gun, waving it around in the air, demanding all of your money and jewelry. You give him everything he asks for, praying that he does not harm your family. In the end he walks away with several thousands of dollars worth of your valuables and your children are scarred by the experience. He has taken your feeling of safety from you because you were unable to see your entire property.

In all likelihood the above scenario would never happen to you. However, it does not diminish the use and importance of using a patio convex mirror to increase your awareness of the backyard. For relatively little money you can see all around your yard while you relax on your lounge chairs, providing you with the ability to protect your kids from doing things that could get them injured without you having to stare at them all the time. If placed in the proper position it can also provide you with a view inside the house so that you are free to relax while maintaining visual contact with the majority of your property.

You may be thinking to yourself that you do not want an enormous acrylic mirror sticking up off your deck like a great sore. The truth is that you would not have to, because you incorporate the functionality of a patio convex mirror into your deck’s standard décor. To do this all you have to do is finding a metal design that you like and replace the center with one of these mirrors. Once you have done that you will be able to hang it in a location that provides you with an exceptional view of your property and your guests will be none-the-wiser of your actions.

An alternative to using a convex mirror is to use a dome safety mirror, to enhance your yard’s security. These are slightly larger than most private convex mirrors, but they can provide you with a view of a much larger area. If you put them up in a corner of your deck you will be able to see everything behind you, which can make your life much easier. The downside to using a dome mirror over a convex mirror is that it is impossible to disguise their original purpose. Their shape and size make them functionally ideal, but formally a nightmare.

Thus, using a small convex mirror will provide you with the added piece of mind that you will attain by having visual contact with all of your property without creating an eyesore that you will have to live with every time you use the space.

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